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5X Racing About Us

5X Racing Online Race Shop LLC
Harmony, FL 34773

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm (we observe most holidays)
  • Trackside Sales and Service: All NASA Florida Races and select Southeast SCCA dates (see: Events page)
  • Race car set-up and service by appointment only, please email us for more information

Meet our Team

The 5X Racing family is very small, and is in fact a real family! John, his wife Brittany, and his father Rick all have their part in helping to make 5X Racing awesome. While John can mostly be found behind the scenes maintaining the website, or more commonly in the shop building and working on cars, parts, or preparing race modified Miata hubs and brake calipers for our customers - Brittany is the real depth to 5X Racing. She is the super-sweet voice you hear when you call, the ultra-polite writer of the emails you receive when you order from us or ask us a question about your order, and the massively intelligent mind behind our accounting. Then of course you have Rick, the father of John and Badass himself! Rick is a Ghost, metaphorically speaking but also self-proclaimed. Rick cannot be found nor contacted (unless you find him at the racetrack), he is the mad scientist hiding in the 5X Racing personal shop. Professionally, he is an engineer by trade in the watercraft industry, but more personally the owner and genius behind Ghost Innovations, which is 5X Racing's exclusive engineering and prototyping services firm. He conceptualizes our ideas, designs the parts, engineers them, then builds them. Without Rick, we wouldn't be 5X Racing or have any cool parts with our name on them! So, now that you know who we are, put some faces to the names!

John Adamczyk - Owner and CEO of 5X Racing

John Adamczyk 5X Racing

Current Car: 

1999 Mazda Miata Sport Package (see build info in our blog here:

  • Modifications: 
    • Suspension:
      • Bilstein SM spec shocks, Eibach 375 in/lb springs in front / Eibach 300 in/lb springs in back, Mazdaspeed SM bumpstops, Ground Control Coilover sleeves, NA 1.8 Eibach Front Sway Bar, Improved Racing Sway Bar end links
    • Brakes:
      • 2001 Sport Model brake system, Techna-Fit Stainless Brake Lines, Carbotech 1521 Brake Pads
    • Engine and Driveline:
      • Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator, Custom prototype 5XR cold air intake, 5XR adjustable timing wheel, 5XR prototype exhaust system, 2001 Sport Model 6-speed transmission, 5XR aluminum shifter bushing, 2001 Sport Model 3.90 rear end
    • Exterior:
      • OEM hardtop, smoked Lamin-X headlight covers
    • Wheels and tires:
      • Prototype 11lb 15x7 D-Force race wheels, crap tires for drifting through intersections

Fantasy Car:

  • Aston Martin DBS

Other Hobbies:

  • drifting, traveling, guitar, German beer, hockey, English Premier League soccer, xbox 360, recent re-addiction to Fox body Mustang GT's

Race Car:

  • #55 1991 Mazda Miata raced in Spec Miata class of the southeastern US (see "Race Car Photos" in our Gallery section)


Brittany Adamczyk - Sales/Operations/Finance

Brittany Adamczyk 5X Racing

Current Car:

2011 Mazdaspeed 3

  • Modifications: 
    • Wheels:
      • Enkei Raijin 18x8.5 35mm offset wheels
    • LOT's more to come!

Fantasy Car:

  • The 1968 Camaro seems to come up in conversation a little too often...

Other Hobbies:

  • Graphic design, traveling, cruising the caribbean, managing money, photography


Rick Adamczyk (aka: Badass) - New Product Prototyping and Development, Manufacturing

 Rick Adamczyk 5X Racing

Current Car: 1999 Mazda Miata Sport/Touring Package

  • Modifications: 
    • Engine and Driveline:
      • 2001 Miata VVT engine swap
      • 4.10 rear end from 1995 Miata for better fuel efficiency
    • Wheels and Tires:
      • SM spec 15x7 Kazera KZM's with take off Toyo RA-1 race tires

Fantasy Car:

  • Unknown

Other Hobbies:

  • Trying different types of cookies

Race Car:

  • #44 1995 Mazda Miata raced in the Spec Miata classes of the southeastern US (see "Race Car Photos" in our Gallery section)


 The Question we Challenge ALL Shoppers to Ask Themselves:

Why should you shop at 5X Racing?

You should shop at 5X Racing because when you shop with us, you are purchasing products from an actual race team that has the knowledge and experience to provide the correct parts for your application, can answer your questions, and can help you fix your car at the track. We are not just a webstore with no involvement in the racing world, we actually race Spec Miata's! We have a fleet of Spec Miata's that carry the 5X Racing banner, every generation is supported by us and we have experience in working with every type of Spec Miata out there. BEWARE OF THE BIG BOX STORES! A lot of stores out there might have a better price, or better deals than us, but when you purchase from them you take the risk of buying from someone that has no knowledge about the parts they are selling because the person on the other end is just an office employee, not a racecar driver. Do you really think Summit or Jegs can tell you what alignment settings are best for your Spec Miata? NOT! We are at the track every month racing and developing parts for Miata's, we know what we are doing and know how to answer your questions quickly. ALSO, when you spend money with 5X Racing you are giving back to the grassroots racing community you race in. We proudly sponsor our local NASA Florida Spec Miata Challenge Series, volunteer our time as Officials within NASA (John is the Spec Miata Class Director for NASA FL), support several local Spec Miata drivers, sponsor social hours at our local NASA Florida races (that beer and pizza might have been on us once or twice!), and ultimately we support the clubs we love to race in by racing with them! So. feel good spending your hard earned dollars here, it won't be in vain!

A little more about what we are and who we are:

What is 5X Racing?

5X Racing is an online race shop that specializes in Mazda Miata racing and performance parts, more specifically road racing parts for those who wish to take their Miata's to the track in either track days, time trials, or wheel to wheel racing such as Spec Miata. Our goal is to offer our customers the best available parts and accessories for their racecars or high-performance street cars. We are Spec Miata and Miata road racing specialists - we build our own racecars, develop new products, perform all of the work on our racecars, track test the parts we create and sell - and ultimately we race them on the track with you! We compete in the Spec Miata class within the Southeastern U.S. in SCCA Regional Competition and NASA Florida Spec Miata Challenge, but can be found at track events throughout Florida testing parts on our cars or helping new track-going Miata enthusiasts with coaching at local track days. We truly love racing and it's been a part of our lives for many, many years. Let us help make it a part of your lives too!

5X Racing Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop unique, one of a kind auto racing parts, test the prototypes on our fleet of racecars in the real world of grassroots road racing, and offer the true racers out there our special brand of parts and also the most trusted aftermarket parts in the industry, all while offering a fantastic website with an easy to use online shopping experience and safe, secure credit card processing. We love the grassroots racing community and the people involved, and will always treat the fellow racer or car fanatic with respect and honesty that we always expect when shopping for parts or asking questions.

Business Information

5X Racing's Online Race Shop was established in September 2007. We are a legitimate licensed business based in St. Cloud Florida, a registered business with the State of Florida, as well as the US Government. In early 2010 5X Racing was taken to the next level and established as a Limited Liability Corporation, we are not just a hollow webstore but rather a serious business that also performs: racing research and development, parts prototyping, race testing on parts, and full racecar builds. We have a non-commercial, private race shop (we call it Area 51) where we perform our R&D, build and maintain our Spec Miata racecars, and prototype new race parts, so believe us when we say we can back up our parts knowledge with the technical aspects of Spec Miata modification.

5X Racing might be a new name in the racing industry, but that does not mean we are new to racing. We've raced a bunch of stuff, and will race anything that can be raced! The owners of 5X Racing have over 25 combined years of experience in the racing industry, ranging from Powerboat racing, Sportscar racing, karts, R/C racing, even BMX! Racing is our lives, it is important to us, and we know how important it is to you too!

Our business goal is to develop one of a kind race parts for Mazda vehicles, with Miata's being the focus, and in the future branch out to some other worthy models. While we cannot fill every parts need here, we offer the racer or auto enthusiast the best aftermarket parts they want for their racecars and track going vehicles. Our specialization is Spec Miata racecars, and we know what works and what doesn't for these cars and that experience spreads to Miata's in general. We will do our best to offer you the most appropriate and best suited parts for your Miata.

Our personal goal is to be involved with racing, whether it's offering parts to the racing community or building racecars, we are just crazy about racing! We became really big fans of the Miata after we built and raced our 1991 Spec Miata for the first time. The car is amazing and never ceases to impress us, which is what lead us to become involved with aftermarket parts for Miata and other high performance sportscars.

Our long term goal is to be a household name in the Miata and Mazda industry, then beyond. We want to be considered one of the best when it comes to Miata parts, and while it sounds boastful, we think we're well on our way!

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