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Driven Steering Wheels
5X Racing has tried several steering wheel brands and styles in both our Spec Miata race cars and in our street cars. We've found that Driven Steering Wheels offer the best all-around quality, feel, looks, size, and performance in the car compared to the high dollar Sparco and Momo steering wheels it challenges. We feel that their price point, nearly half the price of comparable Sparco and Momo steering wheels, and superior quality is a "no brainer" when choosing our steering wheels!

More About Driven Steering Wheels

Driven Steering Wheels was founded in 2013 by race car driver and entrepreneur Zack Skolnick. The vision behind the company came when Zack was looking for a quality and affordable steering wheel that would keep its grip race after race. Our innovative steering wheels will give you a true advantage on the race track and put you into victory lane. Our product line ranges from karts, formula cars, touring cars, drifting, legend car,stock car, and more.