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Presenting engine parts in an organized format is difficult. It's either going to be one category with everything for the engine, or a ton of different categories for each facet of the engine. The easiest way we see to present our engine parts to you is in a split "build format". This categorization is simple to follow and goes as such:

Build Your Block
Everything contained in - or attached to - the engine block/lower end, such as: Pistons, Rods, Bearings, Crankshafts, Crank Pulleys, Oil Pumps, Water Pumps, Timing Belts, Studs, Engine Mounts, Lower End Gaskets, etc...

Build Your Head
Everything contained in - or attached to - the cylinder head/upper end, such as: Camshafts, Valve Springs & Retainers, Valves, Adjustable Cam Gears, Valve Guides, Valve Seals, Timing Belts, Intake Manifolds, Throttle Bodies, Studs, Top End Gaskets, etc...

Engine Build Kits and Packages
Special kits and packages we put together to help ease purchasing for projects that contain a lot of individual components, such as: Front Engine Refresh kits, Gasket Kits, Valvetrain upgrade kits, Piston and Rod upgrade kits, Engine Bearing Kits, etc...

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More About Miata Engine

We take engine building seriously here at 5X Racing. While we don't have a machine shop, we work with well-known and trusted Spec Miata engine shops to do our machining, then assemble our own race engines in-house. We have helped our customers build their own engines through advice and careful parts selection, and even pairing them up with an engine builder/machine shop that can perform their machine work for them. We will not sell or recommend something that is overly expensive or unnecessary, and oftentimes will lead you towards the path of "these are just as good for less cost" when your thoughts lie with a part that is more expensive. Everything from stock rebuilds to monster turbo boosted setups have all been covered, so please use OUR experience to YOUR advantage for your build, as we've been deep within the Miata engine countless times in our 10+ years of racing them!