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"Get your 'head' straight" with 5X Racing! While the block is the foundation of your engine doing the "grunt work", the cylinder head is the complex "manager" of the engine sitting atop the block controlling the air and fuel mixture, then distributing it evenly into each cylinder for the pistons to compress and burn, making glorious horsepower! While the cylinder head and its components might seem intimidating and complex to someone who is just reading about it, when broken down they're all just parts and pieces bolted together. There is no unknown sorcery at work that is unexplained with a cylinder head, just which parts and pieces you use and how you bolt them together! Luckily we've been down this road many times before and are intimately familiar with how a Miata cylinder head operates. Just as the cylinder head turns air and fuel into horsepower, let us turn our knowledge into advice for your engine build!

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Items 1-20 of 20