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Sometimes projects are simpler if all of the pieces are put together for you before you start, right? That's how we feel, and it's the reason why we put so much effort into putting together pre-packaged kits and package deals for our customers. It's easier for US to sell you the parts individually, but our goal is to make is easier for YOU (so you enjoy shopping with 5X Racing and tell your friends!).

Our kits and packages use the highest quality parts that have been proven on the street and racetrack in our cars, or are industry favorites. For basic rebuild kits - like our Front Engine Rebuild Kits - we only use OEM Mazda Genuine seals, as we've found aftermarket seals are junk 99% of the time. We also mix it up and hand pick some parts that are not up to snuff - or have better aftermarket options - like valve seals, engine fastners, and water pumps. However it shakes out, we did the research and testing so you don't have to!

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