Miata Used Hub Service

Hi, I have a few questions about the hub service that you guys offer for the miata. What is the turn around time for the hubs? I can take them off my running car and send them over. Also my Miata will be seeing the track about once a month consistently, but its not a race car. So what kind life expectancy can I get from the hubs from your service? I was going to buy brand new oem hubs, but this seems to be a better option and much cheaper. Finally, would you also be able to redo the rear hubs?

The turn around times can be long depending on how busy we are with current projects and work in our shop at the moment. If we are in the middle of race season and are busy rebuilding our cars, or have a lot of service work lined up before your order, it could take anywhere from two weeks to a month in some cases. Patience must be taken when sending us hubs or brakes to service.
We offer a more street/track day friendly hub service using the Red Line bearing grease, which is a heavier all-around grease than what we normally use for our race service, which is a very lightweight race grease for ultra low rolling resistance. We recommend that our race greased hubs be monitored every couple of races (shake the tire back and forth to make sure there is no slop or play in the hub) and repacked after about a seasons worth of racing, which is pretty standard for the typical racer anyways. With the Red Line grease though, I would feel that it is safe to say after our service, the hubs will be good indefinitely. If it's only track days you're participating in, the only thing that will determine how often the hubs need to be re-greased is how much you run in the rain, as water can eventually thin and wash out some grease within the hubs. We have a lot of our hubs out there on customer cars, and even had a set on a chump car miata that ran in a 24 hour race using our race grease without any problems, so I know our service holds up if it made it through that type of competition!
We have done rear hubs before, but I must warn they are hard to remove from the car without the proper tools and will be heavy to ship. We do have the ability to service them though.
I do feel that our service on an older set of hubs is much better than a new set of hubs. They will roll much more freely as the grease we use is a lot less restrictive (oem grease is like wax for water concerns).