Quick Spec Miata Suspension Setup

Quick Guide to 5X Racing's SM suspension setups

Our quick numbers on setups are as follows:
Front Suspension:
Camber: max negative
Caster: max negative (top of shock tilted back towards firewall), or whatever setting will allow the most negative camber
Toe: zero toe, or 1/16th" to 1/8th" toe out
Sway bar: full soft setting
Rear Suspension:
Camber: 2.5 degrees negative
Toe: 1/16th toe in
Sway bar: full stiff or medium setting (dependant on track. Stiff for a looser car, medium for a tighter car. Loose is fast by the way)
Scales and balance:
Cross: as close to 50/50 as possible
F/R balance: bias the weight to the front to decrease understeer, raise and lower the rear ride height to achieve this. I think we end up around 60% front to 40% rear balance.