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5X Racing Technology and Information Center

5X Racing Technology and Information Center

Instruction Manuals and Installation Guides

List of our Instruction manuals and installation guides for 5X Racing Branded parts and more

Miata Technical Info

Information we've compiled and found over the years regarding all technical aspects of the Miata, including: Specs, facts, interchange guides, "what will work on what year", and anything else that's technical about the Miata

Miata Shop Manuals

Click the links to access Original Miata shop manuals in PDF form:


Our collection of videos we post on our Youtube Channel

Tuning Tips

Our tips and some tricks on how to tune various parts and systems on your Miata

Suspension Set-Up Tips and Help

Our years of suspension setup and tuning has lead us to form some hard numbers for the Miata, we share them and other setup information in here

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Spec Miata Tech

Technical and related information about Spec Miata racing and racecar setups


Information and documents related to our projects here at 5X Racing

Product Information

Information about various products and brands within our catalog, such as: sizing guides, product applications, brake compounds, and general information

Automotive Miscellaneous

Information regarding general automotive resources not regarding one specific product, such as: sizing guides, fitment guides, bolt and thread information, technical information for fasteners, metric/standard conversions, and helpful information for a variety of topics

The 5X Racing Technology and Information Center is a section on our site that we dedicate to sharing everything that we research and figure out for ourselves with our customers and followers. We do a lot of our own research and development, as well as product research for our own racecars and street cars when we modify them. All of the knowledge that we accumulate and information that we collect is shared here for people doing their own research, hopefully it helps you out with your adventures in car building/modifying! As an added bonus, we are always willing to offer a discount to those who are willing to write a how-to article or offer their own tuning tips for us to add here. Please contact us by email and include your literature in the form of a word document for us to review and we'll contact you to talk about a discount towards a purchase on our site.