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  • Price Matching We price match any Carbotech brake pad out there, send us a link to the cheaper pads and we will make it happen. We will try and price match just about anything, try us! Or, make us an offer we cannot refuse!
  • 5X Racing Spec Miata Team Support Program

    As a small company owned and operated by racers, we choose to spend our advertising budget on unique programs and sponsorships that target our demographic, which are limited budget racers and local race programs. Instead of spending our advertising money on magazine ad’s and internet banner ads, we would rather help out the people that are spending their hard earned dollars racing and getting out on track. It’s our way of giving back to the community in which we participate. This program is designed for racers to receive a discount on the commonly needed things they routinely have to replace or repair on their race cars, and other things to help them along with their racing program. Although the program is designed for racers, it is acceptable for a street based autocross, track day, or time attack driver to participate in the program as long as they are willing to place the required stickers on their car and participate regularly in track events to help us promote our business where we want it noticed, at the track! If you are a Spec Miata Racer or hard core Miata track participant, please visit the following link to read more about getting involved with our program:

  • 5% OFF Your Next Order


    If you have purchased a product from us and leave a review on the product page you purchased it from, we will send you a 5% off coupon code. You will also be eligible for a 5% off coupon code if you talk about (positively) your experiences with us on a web forum, whether it is about a product you purchased from us, you are recommending us, or simply a link to a product on our site for others to see. Just email us a link to the thread so we can review it and we'll send you the coupon code.

  • 10% OFF Your Next Order

    Original Articles to display on our 5XR Tech Page:

    We are looking for: Install tutorials on our products, set-up guides, race driving articles, racetrack "hot laps", etc... to display on our sites "5XR Tech" section. These submissions will be awarded 10% off on your next order. Just be sure to get our approval BEFORE you write the article!

  • 10% OFF - 5XR Sticker Your Car! 10% OFF - 5XR Sticker Your Car!

    Photos of your racecars with our sticker displayed:

    If you display any of our sticker based logos, such as: the stickers we include in our orders, our 5X Racing number plates, or our windshield banners, and take a picture of your car showing our logo, we will award you with a 10% off coupon code for your next purchase.