1. Technical Questions involving Miata's and Mazda's
  2. How we work
  3. How can we contact you directly?
  4. Do you provide mechanical services on cars?

Q: Technical Questions involving Miata's and Mazda's

We have an awesome section of our website that is devoted strictly to Technical data and Information (including Technical FAQ's) regarding Mazda vehicles, specifically the Miata. We call it the "Technology and Information Center" and it is located here: http://5xracing.com/pt-1303-5x-racing-technical-information.html

You can find everything within our knowledgebase there, and if we don't have it on there it's because we either have not gotten around to updating it, or we haven't been asked that question before! Please pay the Tech and Info center a visit as you might find some very interesting things that will help you out.

Q: How we work

5X Racing is a small family run online business and trackside retail/racecar rental/support business. Our online Race Shop is open 24/7 for orders, but our physical hours of operation are: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. All orders and inquiry emails are processed within this time frame normally, and this is the timeframe that we have our phone lines open. We race at least once a month, so occasionally we take off on the Friday leading up to a race, unless it is a local race. Please check our Schedule for current race dates.

Contacting us is easy. If you:

  • Need to ask about an order you placed with us or place an order with us, please call us at: 407-504-SPEC
  • Need to ask a technical question about parts you have ordered from us or parts you are interested in, please email us using the "Contact Us" form on the bottom left of every page on our site. We have a lot of Inquiries, and we will answer them in the order received. Please forgive us if we are slow to get back to you, some inquiries take a lot of time due to the research needed to properly answer your questions.
  • Q: How can we contact you directly?

    5X Racing is a very small company, and only has one full time employee. Brittany is available by phone in our office most of the day, however frequently she is not available to answer the phone because she is either at our shop, or out of the office. Please respect our business hours of 9am-5pm M-F, we will not answer the phone before 9am or after 5pm or on the weekend no matter how many times you call! We actually are more receptive to emails rather than phone calls as we both work heavily off of mobile phones that receive all of our business emails.

    Oftentimes we are out racing as well, in which we will be closed on the Friday prior to the race weekend. Please refer to our Events calendar for specific race dates and dates that we will be closed.

    For Order information and to order over the phone: 407-504-SPEC between the hours of 9am-5pm M-F est

    For Technical Support Email John using the "Contact Us" form on our site, or email: 5xracing@gmail.com with your specific question

    Q: Do you provide mechanical services on cars?

    We are currently an online only retail business, so we do not offer service work or installation services. We are partnered with several Miata related shops that can provide service work and used parts in your area, please refer to the following partners if we are not able to meet your needs:

    Central Florida

    Miatas & More (street/track service and installation)
    Jace Micklos
    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/MiatasAndMore/

    Final Turn Motorsports (race car prep and services)
    Rob Greenwood
    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/finalturnmotorsports

    Redline Autosports (used parts)
    10255 General Dr
    Ste B1
    Orlando, FL 32824

    South Florida

    Treasure Coast Miata
    ATTN: Wes Saunders
    13678 S.E. Flora Ave.
    Hobe Sound, FL 33455
    Tel: (772)-263-3142
    Email: TreasureCoastMiata@att.net


    Panic Motorsports
    ATTN: Steve Bertok
    1475 Old Dunbar Rd
    West Columbia, SC 29172
    Tel: (803) 261-7629
    Email: steve@panicmotorsports.com