5X Offroad

5X Offroad is a sub-brand of 5X Racing we created a few years ago to explore parts for UTV's (side-by-sides) and create a beta-tester website for selling UTV parts. We quickly found out that the UTV industry was extremely hard to break in to, and producing parts for UTV's was an endeavor we weren't prepared for. With that, we transitioned the 5X Offroad webstore into selling parts for dual-sport motorcycles, specifically the Suzuki DR-Z400. We again refocused the 5X Offroad brand into off road Miata parts with a relationship with Paco Motorsports, the worlds first (and only) off road Miata parts manufacturer. Our goal was to create an off road Miata and develop some parts for it, a plan we still have!

We've since dissolved the separate 5X Offroad website and moved the off road Miata parts to our main 5X Racing site, and have partnered with Paco Motorsports to offer private label 5X Offroad Miata parts, which are designed and produced by Paco, but made ours with different powder coating color options. 

In the future, we will most likely expand to the small-bore motorcycle market as bikes like the Honda Monkey, Honda Grom, and Yamaha PW50 are all things we're tinkering with in our shop in addition to the Miatas. 

You can find our off road category here: