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5X Racing Miata/MX-5 Door Bushings

Door Bushings

23993294 - 5XRMDB

This is a product we like to keep improving on, and in version 3 we listened to YOU! The majority of the feedback we got on our bushings was that you didn't like the army green color, so we did our research and found not only a great color to switch to, but an even better and more slippery plastic to use! These are so slick you'll feel the oily residue on your fingers after you install them. True story!

  • More details about these below, please read!
  • Fits ALL Miatas from 1990-present (NA, NB, NC, and even ND) NOTE - 2019+ ND fitment will be a bit tighter due to changes in the receiver cup manufacturing. Same part number as the 1990 receiver cup, tigther fit. Guess Mazda updated something in manufacturing...
  • Sold as a pair (every Miata has two)
  • Gray color
  • 4 - zinc yellow-chromate plated 10mm bolts included (for corrosion resistance in wet environments)
  • CAD designed from the ground up in-house at 5XR
  • Made in the USA
  • Availability: Normally In-Stock
    Pricing: $50.00
    5 5 16


    These replace the OEM soft rubber door bushings with far superior machined Oil-Impregnated Polystone plastic. These are not the same as the common Delrin versions available elsewhere on the market as we use a very high-tech plastic that has a high-lubricity and is designed for EXACTLY the type of environment where door bushings live. These are NOT 3D printed, nor should a high-impact part such as these be 3D printed (careful of 3D printed eBay door bushings!)

    Read about the development process behind our bushings in our blog!

    What do they do?
    Your Miatas doors are held closed by the door latch, but they're kept in proper alignment by a cupped bracket on the door that slides over a rubber bushing bolted to the door jamb when the door is closed. This cup/bushing combo is designed to align the door and hold it tight vertically (and in a lesser extent horizontally), but with Mazda using rubber for the bushings, the door to chassis connection isn't as tight as it could be. With a convertible - and more specifically the Miata - the doors are used as a structural connecting brace between the front of the chassis and the rear because of a lack of a roof structure (B & D pillars). This tends to make convertibles more flexible than a fixed roof car, which translates into squeaks and rattles throughout certain places in the chassis, especially the doors. With solid door bushings, the door is more solidly locked into place than it is with the rubber bushings, as the solid bushing creates a solid link on the latch side to match the solid link in the front with the hinges, all of which reinforces the chassis and creates a more solid and rigid car overall. It is such a simple concept and hard to believe, but that very slight movement the OEM rubber door bushings allow does translate into the car finding ways to squeak and rattle. While solid bushings won't heal a car with a horrible shimmy from out-of-balance wheel/tire, they have been known to make the car feel more solid over rough roads and railroad track crossings as well as reducing rattles and squeaks from an aging convertible.

    How do they install?
    Installation is quick and easy. Simply remove the two bolts that hold the factory rubber bushing in place and replace with our solid bushing along with the new bolts we provide. The new bolts are the same size as the OEM bolts, but without the screwdriver head. They're also zinc-chromate plated to provide excellent corrosion resistance as this area is exposed to water/rain/corrosive fallout in Winter (look at the condition of your original bolts). Upon reinstallation, do not tighten the bolts completely, just snug them and ensure the bushings can move beneath the bolts with moderate force. Center the bushings on the jamb and close the door. This process will auto-align the bushings to the cups on the door. Open the door and final tighten the bolts using sensible torque from a 3/8" ratchet and 10mm socket. With the Nylatron material having such a low-coefficient of friction and self-lurbication, it might feel as if the bolts are not tightening completely, but they are.

    Will they require modification?
    No. Our bushings were designed to fit right out of the box. Other brands require sanding of the bushing to get the "best fit", which is really another way of saying they're too big and won't fit out of the box. This is annoying. Our bushings won't require sanding and are designed to allow the door to be closed with little to no additional effort than required with the OEM bushings.

    What is Nylatron and why do we not use Delrin like everyone else?
    The first answer is: "If we can't make it different than everyone else, why make them at all?!" While delrin is a great material and it most certainly qualifies for use as a door bushing, our research led us to find that Nylatron might be an even better material for a door bushing due to a few standout qualities, most notably it's Low Coefficient of Friction due to its oil-impregnation, Abrasion, chemical and corrosion-resistance, Self-Lubricating Formula, and high-impact resistance.


    • 23993294 - 5XRMDB
    • 23993294
    • 5XRMDB
    • 5X Racing
    • Normally In-Stock
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    • 1.0 lbs.
    • W5.0000” x H5.0000” x L5.0000”

    Customer Reviews

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    One of the best mods you can do for the price
    • Currently 5/5 Stars

    Reviewed by:

    Product ownership: Less than 1 month

    Purchased from: 5X Racing

    I've been using mine for a little over a week, the driver door actually closes easier than it used to. The passenger door, however, requires a firm push or pull, but still nothing like some other door bushings. Install was quick and easy, they even included new bolts to replace the corroded stock ones!

    5x racing door bushings
    • Currently 5/5 Stars

    Reviewed by:

    Product ownership: Less than 1 month

    Purchased from: 5X Racing

    I've only had these on for about a week but they really do stiffen up the car a bit. You mainly feel it going over bumps and also railroad tracks. It's that extra amount of confidence it gives to the ride. And the door closes the same as with the oem bushing so that's a big plus as well. Highly recommend!

    Honestly amazed at the difference
    • Currently 5/5 Stars

    Reviewed by:

    Product ownership: Less than 3 months

    Purchased from: 5X Racing

    This NC is my first Miata and first convertible. So I wasn’t used to all the door and body movement and rattling. I was reassured by a few people that owned Miata’s that this was perfectly normal. One suggestion was to upgrade the door bushings. I didn’t see how this would help but it was the least expensive option. I got this part and installed it in only a couple of minutes. My first surprise is just how much of a difference they made in my the ride of my car. I noticed a difference immediately and the ride is much better. My doors rattle less and the ride feels much stiffer and smoother. The second surprise came later and prompted me to write this review. This is a durable part. I use my MX-5 as my daily driver. So the door has been opened and closed hundreds of times now with no discernible sign of wear. This is a quality part and made a huge difference in my car. These are the bushings Mazda should have put on these cars.

    The Doors are Secure
    • Currently 5/5 Stars

    Reviewed by:

    Product ownership: Less than 1 month

    Purchased from: 5X Racing

    Well, the doors definitely feel more secure and firm. As far as handling goes I'm not sure if I can feel a huge difference but I'm sure they help because I can't feel or hear the doors rattle.

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