5X Racing About Us

5X Racing is a very small, all family run business based out of St. Cloud Florida. John, his wife Brittany, his father Rick, and his mother Donna all have their part in helping to make 5X Racing awesome. While John can mostly be found behind the scenes maintaining the website. answering technical inquires, or designing new parts for 5XR, Brittany handles the day-to-day operations of 5X Racing and is the main point of contact for all orders. Rick is the mad scientist hiding in the 5X Racing personal shop. He conceptualizes our ideas, designs the parts, engineers them, then builds them. Without Rick, we wouldn't be 5X Racing or have any cool parts with our name on them! 

Racing is in our blood. We've raced a bunch of stuff, and will race anything that can be raced! The owners of 5X Racing have over 25 combined years of experience in the racing industry, ranging from Powerboat racing, Sportscar racing, karts, R/C racing, even BMX! Racing is our lives, it is important to us and we know how important it is to you too!

John Adamczyk - Owner and CEO of 5X Racing

John Adamczyk 5X Racing

Brittany Adamczyk - Sales/Operations/Finance

Brittany Adamczyk 5X Racing

Rick Adamczyk  - Research and Development, Manufacturing

 Rick Adamczyk 5X Racing

 The Question we Challenge ALL Shoppers to Ask Themselves:

Why should you shop at 5X Racing?

You should shop at 5X Racing because when you choose us, you are purchasing products from an actual race team that has the knowledge and experience to provide the correct parts for your application, can answer your questions, and can help you fix your car at the track. We are not just a webstore with no involvement in the racing world, we actually race Spec Miatas! We have a fleet of Spec Miatas that carry the 5X Racing banner, every generation is supported by us and we have experience in working with every type of Miata out there.

BEWARE OF THE BIG BOX STORES! A lot of stores out there might have a better price or better deals than us, but when you purchase from them you take the risk of buying from someone that has no knowledge about the parts they are selling because the person on the other end is just an office employee, not a racecar driver. Do you really think Summit or Jegs can tell you what alignment settings are best for your Spec Miata? We've been at the track since 2006 racing and developing parts for Miatas, we know what we are doing and know how to answer your questions quickly.

A little more about what we are and who we are:

What is 5X Racing?

5X Racing is an online race shop that specializes in Mazda Miata racing and performance parts, more specifically road racing parts for those who wish to take their Miata's to the track in either track days, time trials, or wheel to wheel racing such as Spec Miata. Our goal is to offer our customers the best available parts and accessories for their racecars or high-performance street cars. We are Spec Miata and Miata road racing specialists - we build our own racecars, develop new products, perform all of the work on our racecars, track test the parts we create and sell - and ultimately we race them on the track with you! We compete in the Spec Miata class within the Southeastern U.S. in SCCA Regional Competition, but can be found at track events throughout Florida testing parts on our cars or helping new track-going Miata enthusiasts with coaching at local track days. We truly love racing and it's been a part of our lives for many, many years. Let us help make it a part of your lives too!

5X Racing Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop unique, one of a kind auto racing parts, test the prototypes on our fleet of racecars in the real world of grassroots road racing, and offer track-going enthusiasts our special brand of parts and also the most trusted aftermarket parts in the industry, all while offering a fantastic website with an easy to use online shopping experience and safe, secure credit card processing. We love the grassroots racing community and the people involved, and will always treat the fellow racer or car fanatic with respect and honesty that we always expect when shopping for parts or asking questions.