Dust Boots for Miata Bump Stop Kit

While we here at 5X Racing do not use dust boots on our shocks, we understand that many owners desire to replace the dust boots on their shocks after upgrading to one of our bump stop kits or shock mount kits. While we cannot provide the recommended replacement dust boots (Trust us, we tried. The company was unresponsive to our dealership requests), we can certainly recommend to you what they are and where you can get them. 

What you'll need is a Pro Comp Poly-Vinyl Shock Boot, part number 12127 (black) or 12128 (red). These can be found by searching the Pro Comp website with the part numbers, or you can also order them from Amazon or Summit Racing.

Instructions for installing the boots can be found here: http://5xracing.com/files/Instructions%20and%20Guides/fcm_bump_stop_dust_boot_install.pdf