Hard Dog Miata Roll Bar Application Guide and Info

Hard Dog Miata Roll Bar Application guide

Regarding your style of convertible top:

  • All 1990 - 1997 Miatas came from the factory with a flexible plastic rear window in the convertible top. If your first generation Miata has a glass rear window, it's either aftermarket or a second generation transplant. The basic 1990 - 2005 Miata chassis didn't change allowing the tops and roll bars to interchange. A few quick measurements are very helpful when trying to determine just which bar is compatible.
  • Factory NB (second generation 1999 - 2005) Convertible Top Glass Rear Window Dimensions for comparison: 
    • 14" Tall in the center 
    • 32.25" Wide across the top measured just below the upper corner radius (approx 2.5" down from the top edge)
    • Be sure to include the complete assembly including all rigid parts around the edge. Not just the veiwing area.
    • Width measurements across the bottom of the glass are not of concern.