Miata Brake Information Archive

Our information archive concerning the braking systems on Mazda Miata's

Miata Brake Rotor Specifications

NB (1999-2005)
Front disc Sport brakes = 270 mm
Rear disc Sport brakes = 276 mm

Front disc Non Sport brakes = 255 mm
Rear disc Non Sport brakes = 251 mm

NA 1.8 (1994-1997)
Front disc brakes = 255 mm
Rear disc brakes = 251 mm

NA 1.6 (1990-1993)
Front disc brakes = 235 mm
Rear disc brakes = 231 mm

Sport Brake Swap Information (Mazdaspeed and Sport Model Brakes)

To properly perform this swap, one would need to install front Sport Brake rotors, brake pads, calipers, caliper's brackets, and hoses, even though standard hoses appear to fit. Sport Brakes have a larger rotor, so the hoses need to be longer to accommodate the further distance of the brake caliper from pivot centerline and therefore more further away from chassis at full steering lock). Rear Normal Brake hoses will work fine with Sport Brakes, however it is easier to just get a full Sport Kit.