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More About ACL Engine Bearings

Race Series Bearings: Track proven to provide optimum performance, endurance and durability essential for higher RPM engines. A distinguished pedigree and track record. Race Series performance bearings and gaskets are products of more than a half-century of ACL bearing design, engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing experience. They are used extensively in the US. and Canada and are the overwhelming choice of racers and engine builders worldwide. ACL's experience includes designing and manufacturing bearings, gaskets and other car and truck engine components for GM, Ford, Toyota and Mitsubishi. Aluglide & Duraglide Bearings: Aluglide rod and main bearings were developed for OEM engines and have the inherent physical properties perfectly suited for replacement applications. The proprietary composition is comprised of aluminum, tin and silicon. This metallurgy mix, combined with a steel backing, provides excellent characteristics such as strength, anti-seizure, anti-wear, embeddability and anti-corrosion. ACL rod and main bearings also are available in Duraglide metallurgy, our tried and true tri-metal configuration. Cam bearings are available as full round and clinched butt construction. We also produce Race Series bearings for performance engines. Complete information on individual bearing lines is available in product brochures and bulletins from our North American Operations. Please Note: In a relatively short time since its introduction, Aluglide engine bearings have become a dominant factor in engine bearing materials. The combination of aluminum, tin and silicon creates an alloy with exceptional wear resistance, outstanding strength and excellent load-carrying characteristics. Our OEM customers use Aluglide exclusively, and it is becoming "the bearing of choice" among many aftermarket engine builders and technicians. With Aluglide's increasing popularity and added benefits, we are reviewing the range of Duraglide bearings (copper/lead) and are converting to Aluglide (aluminum/tin/silicon) where it suits the application. Thus, depending on the application we are able to offer the most suitable bearing.