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Despite of claims, there is no other spark plug manufacturer in the world that offers spark plug with multiple discharges per single ignition system impulse! Better efficiency, more power, torque, and faster acceleration is achieved trough unparallel, unique and proprietary designs from Brisk. Brisk is one of World's 10 largest spark plug producers with 70-year tradition of spark plug production. Brisk is a leader in spark plug technology and design, capable of custom production and turnkey projects. Brisk manufacturers a vide variety of spark plugs, some with unique and superior characteristics. Key requirement of O.E. Spark plugs is long life and low price. On the other hand, key feature of Premium spark plugs is maximum efficiency and durability for specific application. Brisk annual production of more than 50 million spark plugs among others include: Brisk Super spark plugs, Brisk Extra spark plugs, Brisk Forte spark plugs, Brisk Platin spark plugs, Brisk Double Platin spark plugs, Brisk Racing Iridium spark plugs, Brisk Racing Iridium/Yttrium spark plugs, Brisk Silver Racing spark plugs, Brisk LGS Lamborghini spark plugs, Brisk Extra Turbo Evolution spark plugs, Brisk ZS/ZC spark plugs, Brisk TXS spark plugs, and other.