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Bump Stop and Shock Mounting
Partnering with Fat Cat Motorsports allowed us access to their proven engineering and techniques on how to custom tune your suspension by way of bump stops. When the average person thinks about suspension, they think springs, shocks, and bushings. Bumpstops are the "cushion" between the shock body and the shock mount, without them the metal shock body would come in contact with the metal shock mount during full shock compression causing damage, and a terrible ride! The factories take bumpstops into consideration, however they use inferior materials like rubber that is inconsistent, and tune them to be used with the factory shocks and springs. When you start customizing your suspension by replacing the shocks and springs, the factory bumpstops now become mis-matched to the rest of your suspension. Most people will try and reuse the factory bumpstops, but this will not yield optimal handling characteristics because of the now lower and shorter suspension travel. When you upgrade your springs and shocks to lower your car or if you simply want to improve the handling of your stock suspension, bumpstops can be the "missing link" in your suspension that you never thought of!

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