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5X Racing Accel Grip Pedal

Miata Accelerator Pedal

23993215 - 5XRAGP

Our innovative Miata accelerator pedal will make heel-toe downshifting a breeze in your Miata, whether you're racing or pounding the interstate on/off ramps! Read-on below to find out how we developed it!

  • Direct bolt-on installation to all 1990-2005 Mazda Miatas
  • Mounts to existing Miata accelerator pedal with included mounting hardware. No modifications needed
  • Lightweight and durable 1/8" aluminum construction with our race-proven "grip" material surface covering
  • USA Made

    Make it a complete kit with two new OEM rubber pedal pads for your brake and clutch! We like the look of aluminum pedals, but when it comes to functionality, the OEM rubber pedal pads are super grippy and great for wet or slick bottomed race shoes.

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    Pricing: $45.00
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    What's wrong with the gas pedal in the Miata? - you might ask. The Miata has a super-skinny accelerator pedal, which doesn't matter until you start learning how to "heel-toe" downshift. This is the act of "blipping" the accelerator pedal while pressing down on the brake pedal during a downshift to avoid rear-wheel lockup, and is an art-form performed by virtually all racecar drivers. The science behind heel-toe downshifting is too long for this product description, however we do have an article in our blog about it if you're interested. It should really tie together why this pedal is beneficial to you: The Art of Heel-Toe Downshifting

    Our Accel Grip pedal is the evolution of the popular "Loud Pedal" accelerator pedal we sold here on our site to Miata racers and hard-drivers for years. We took the proven design of the loud pedal and improved on it by adding the same "grip" material we have used and loved for years on our Grip Plate Miata Floorpans. Our Grip material is unique because it is not abrasive like sandpaper-style skateboard grip tape, so it won't scuff or wear out your shoes, nor will the tackiness wear off like it will with grip tape. This material has withstood the test of time in our Spec Miata racecars, with our 1991 Spec Miata still using the original prototype Grip Plate we installed over 10-years ago! With that test of time, we feel confident that our Grip material will be right at home on a racecar gas pedal just the same as it is under your heels.


    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 1.0 lbs.
    • W9.0000” x H3.0000” x L6.0000”

    Customer Reviews

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    Great Product. Fits perfectly
    • Currently 5/5 Stars

    Reviewed by:

    Product ownership: Less than 1 week

    Purchased from: 5X Racing

    Really well made product..holes fit perfectly over the existing pedal. It's made with the perfect curve to fit on the pedal too. Bolted right on without any modification of pedal at all. Good size too so that I can find that perfect position for heel-toe. Would definitely recommend 100%

    Good Quality But Just Not For Me
    • Currently 4/5 Stars

    Reviewed by:

    Product ownership: Less than 3 months

    Purchased from: 5X Racing

    The pedal is made great and fit perfectly. After driving for a bit with it though, I found it just not for me. The soft grip layer was grippy but it also made it hard for me to tell where my foot was. The pedal also makes the gas pedal stick out higher than the brake pedal. When trying to heel-toe I found my foot getting caught under the gas pedal at times.

    If you're looking for a big, honkin', basically footprint gas pedal from Joe Dirt, this is the Miata version. If you're looking for something that retains the hard feel the stock pedal gives, this is not it.

    Be aware I am not a seasoned racer by any means and just because it didn't work for me, does not mean it won't work for you.

    Excellent fitment and quality
    • Currently 5/5 Stars

    Reviewed by:

    Product ownership: Less than 1 month

    Purchased from: 5X Racing

    I bought this as a kit with the OEM rubber brake and clutch pedals and am very pleased. I have a bad hip and The 5x pedal makes it much easier to heal toe without having to twist my entire foot over to get my heel onto the gas. Fitment is perfect and very easy to install with the included hardware. Customer service is also top notch. The only way I wouldn't recommend this pedal is if you have ginormous feet since it would be too easy to accidentally hit the gas when trying to brake.

    Great quality, easy install
    • Currently 5/5 Stars

    Reviewed by:

    Product ownership: Less than 1 year

    Purchased from: 5X Racing

    I had one of the other pedal extenders that mounted behind the pedal and didn't like the difference in height. This solves that and gets a great feel in the process.

    As others have noted, be cautious and get used to it as you can easily get the brake and the gas at the same time when you aren't expecting to.

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