Hurricane Irma, and THANK YOU!

As some of you might already know, we here at 5X Racing were directly impacted by the effects of Hurricane Irma this past weekend. Only Wednesday afternoon did we have power restored after losing it early Sunday evening as the first lines of the storm rolled through our area. While nearly 4-days’ worth of no power is agonizing both to our family personally and to our business operations, we are lucky in the grand scheme of the storm to only have lost power and the several days’ worth of cleanup work on our houses, as countless families and businesses have lost everything. We are grateful for this and grateful to be back up and running again. We are also grateful for our customers who showed us patience, understanding - and most dear to us – their genuine concern for us via our social media outlets. We were overjoyed to see all of the well-wishes arrive in reply to our interrupted service notices and with it, we felt the sincere care for us around the Miata community. For this, we thank you a thousand times!

Some of you might not realize that 5X Racing is operated between our home office and our personal race shop - which is also home based – making us reliable for picking ourselves up off the ground when something like Irma rolls through town. With our homes crippled from the power outages, our business operations were also crippled without power and internet. This forced us to close as we rely on internet to run our business, naturally. Since the storm cleared our area, we got to work recovering our homes to a satisfactory level and now with power restored, are working full-steam to try and catch-up with the outstanding orders and shipments. We hope to get caught up as soon as humanly possible and once again thank you for your on-going patience in waiting for us to pick up the pieces in both our personal lives, and business.

Once again, thank you for all of the well-wishes and most of all, your patience in waiting for us to pick up the pieces from Irma.

John and Brittany Adamczyk

Team 5X Racing