John Adamczyk accepts NASA Florida Spec Miata Director position

In an effort to give back to the Spec Miata racing community and to become more involved with Florida Spec Miata racing, John Adamczyk, owner of 5x Racing has answered the call from the Florida Region of the National AutoSport Association (NASA) for a leader of their Spec Miata Race series. As the Spec Miata director, John will have control and will be responsible for running the Spec Miata class at NASA FL races. With a National set of rules established for the class already, John will be organizing the spec miata racers at each event and ensuring that the class is fulfilling their expectations. The position is an important link between the racers and the organizers of the events, and with several years of experience racing in SCCA spec miata, John is well aware of what constitutes a well run spec miata race.

John has enlisted the assistance of several key people as rotating directors, which ensures that the class is being run by not just one person, but a group or committee of racers. Assisting John as Spec Miata director are:

Jim Blaisdell: Tampa area Spec Miata racer, Chin Driving instructor, friend of John and Rick Adamczyk, and Team 5x Racing driver. Jim brings a wealth of business experience and racing knowledge to the NASA FL spec miata group, and is a great asset to the growth and well being of the group.

Jimmy Moore: Tampa area Spec Miata racer, Chin Driving instructor, teammate of Jim Blaisdell and 5x Racing, and a friend of John, Rick, and Jim. Jimmy brings a wealth of racing experience and is excited to assist in the NASA FL Spec Miata group while he builds his own spec miata race car.

Rick Adamczyk: Father of John Adamczyk and 5x Racing co-founder, Rick brings a lifetime of racing experience and racing business knowledge to the NASA FL spec miata group. A longtime professional tunnel boat racer in the IOGP, Rick has been in the boat racing industry at the professional level for many years, and his experience being in a pro series will be perfect for organizing championship series and race formats for the NASA FL spec miata series.


As a group, we are looking forward to assisting the NASA FL region in gaining a viable Spec Miata championship series. Our goal is to make the NASA FL Spec Miata series into a conservative car count (20-30) series which emphasizes clean racing, a variety of race formats, easy to follow championship structure, some new and exciting things, and a few surprises along the way, which is all in addition to great contingency awards, Saturday night awards ceremonies/party, and prize give-aways that are standard within the National AutoSport Association.


We hope to see our fellow Florida Spec Miata at some NASA FL races in the 2010 season!