2010 Racing Program: Year in Review

2010 was a great year for Team 5X Racing's Spec Miata Racing Program. We made the switch from full time SCCA Spec Miata to full time NASA Spec Miata for the beginning of the 2010 season because we were getting a little dragged down by the rough driving styles found in Central Florida SCCA Spec Miata racing. Also, the 50+ car field environments were a little to overwhelming for new to SM 5X Racing driver Rick Adamczyk to learn his racecraft in, whereas NASA FL was just starting up their Spec Miata program with the help of 5X Racing owner John Adamczyk. So to say the least, 5X Racing went head first into NASA racing for 2010 both in terms of where we were racing and who we were supporting. 

Along with choosing to race with NASA, 5X Racing also supported NASA FL's Spec Miata Challenge Series as a title sponsor. For the entire year of 2010, we were able to call the series the: "NASA Florida Spec Miata Challenge presented by 5X Racing". This was a big step for us as we normally do not advertise, but chose to use our marketing dollars for supporting our local Spec Miata racing series instead of buying magazine space or banner ads on a web forum. We think it worked out very well and it seemed to stike a chord with our customers, as they liked the fact that we gave back to the Spec Miata community and supported them as they support us!

The 2010 racing season could not have worked out any better for Team 5X Racing, especially owner/driver John Adamczyk. Out of the 14 races we participated in, John won 11 of them! On top of winning 11 races, he also went on a 9 race win streak that lasted from January to October! John's win record was more than enough to claim the drivers championship for 2011, and in addition to John's 1st place points finish, Team 5X Racing driver Jim Blaisdell was able to take 2nd place in the points championship, and Team 5X Racing driver Rick Adamczyk was able to take 3rd place in the points championship! Wow! What a year for Team 5X Racing!

We couldn't be happier about our performance in 2010, and we hope to continue our progress. We are already off to a great start by renewing our sponsorship of the NASA Florida Spec Miata Challenge as well as continuing our points lead. Currently, as of the June Sebring Event, we are 1, 2, and 3 again in the points, with John, Jim, and Rick mirroring their 2010 performance so far.

Great results both in business and racing here at 5X Racing! Thanks for reading and hope to see you at the track soon!