5X Racing partners with Treasure Coast Miata

We are Proud to Announce a new Business Partner! Treasure Coast Miata!

We have been working really hard lately adding unique and hard to get Spec Miata and Miata parts to our product catalog. One of the things we found that sell really good are used Miata parts, while clearing out our shop of the old parts that were stripped off of our race car builds and putting the parts on our site for sale, we noticed that they were being purchased almost as soon as we put them on there! This led us want to put more used parts on the site, but we surely do not have the time and means to run a Miata salvage business. As luck would have it, while playing vendor at a recent clubroadster.net event in Lakeland FL we met Wes Saunders who owns Treasure Coast Miata out of Hobe Sound FL (near PBIR). Treasure Coast Miata is a Miata salvage business that can provide any used stock Miata takeoff part you can imagine, and this comes in handy when you have a Spec Miata race car or several like us! We picked up a lower control arm from Wes at the meet for $25, but in the meantime we also talked business and were able to strike up a business partnership. While 5X Racing specializes in new Spec Miata parts and performance aftermarket parts for Miata's and other high-performance Mazda's, Treasure Coast Miata specializes in used Miata parts, so our business partnership involves us using Treasure Coast exclusively for our used parts needs and sending our customers in search of used parts to Treasure Coast Miata. In return, Treasure Coast Miata uses us for their Spec Miata parts needs and sends their Spec Miata part seeking customers to us. The deal works in the best interest for both of our companies as we don't specialize in used miata parts, and Treasure Coast doesn't specialize in new miata parts. In addition to having a good supply of used parts for our team and our customers, we also help out another local Miata company that supports local Spec Miata racing with a Team of their own. We are very pleased to be partnered with Treasure Coast Miata and hope that our customers find good service and good prices while fixing their broken Spec Miata's with Treasure Coast Parts!

Please do us a favor and visit Treasure Coast Miata's website, and be sure to bookmark it so the next time you need a used Miata part you will know where to find one!