5x Racing adds a 2007 Mazda RX-8 to it's garage!

5x Racing has acquired a Crystal White 2007 Mazda RX-8 GT to its team. The vehicle was purchased two weeks ago at Daytona Nissan as a used car found on Autotrader.com and was eventually purchased on ebay.com! The time was right to trade in Brittany's 2000 Mustang GT as it was becoming too unreliable for daily use, and an RX-8 was on our radar for a long time. The vehicle is in brand new condition, and it is a fully loaded Grand Touring edition with every option available except the navigation system. It is of course a 6-speed manual transmission with the 1.3L 2-rotor B3 engine, which for a first time rotary owner is absolutely amazing! The engine just keeps on winding up until you are at 9000 RPM, and there is a super smooth linear power curve that makes the car very easy to speed in! The transmission is the easiest shifting gears that this driver has ever experienced, much better than our typical Mustangs that we here at 5xR are all too used to forcing into gear. The RX-8 is also one of the best, if not the best handling car that we have ever driven from the factory. The handling of the stock setup on the RX-8 dominates that of John's fully prepared street legal 2001 Mustang GT, and closely rivals the handling of our Spec Miata racecar. This car gets an A+ coming from a racecar drivers point of view, we highly recommend an RX-8 to anyone that enjoys a super high-tech vehicle that is totally REVolutionary and an absolute blast to drive everyday. We plan on prototyping some unique race parts for the RX-8 now that we have a mold to build off of, and we also plan on adding some bad ass looking Mazdaspeed parts to polish the look of the car. Eventually when the warranty runs out we will start adding some performance parts to boost the power and handling of the car. Please stay in tune to our News section here at 5xr.com and look to our product catalog for new RX-8 parts that will be added often. We plan on becoming experts on this awesome car to offer advice and more experience to help you purchase the best parts for your RX-8. If you have any advice or suggestions for parts you would like us to carry for the RX-8 please send us an email using our "contact us" form on the bottom of our online storefront.