We're celebrating 5 years!

Hello loyal 5X Racing customers, friends, and faithful followers of Miata racing! As you might have already noticed, especially if you’re reading this blog post on our website, we’ve undergone a little “update” to the look of our website. The reason we wanted to freshen up our look, logo, and feel was in celebration of our 5 year anniversary as a business. We also wanted to create a logo that was more symbolic, or better yet a symbol of our company that would fit and look more appropriately on our parts and race cars. Our new logo and site design is the result of many hours of ideas, research, and revisions. We are extremely satisfied with the final product and cannot wait to get it on our custom line of parts and team race cars, as well as on stickers and apparel in the next few months. What better time to makeover our business than in celebration of our 5 year anniversary?

We felt fortunate to have made it 5 years in the online retail industry, more so in such a niche market such as Miata’s, so we decided to celebrate this acheivement by investing back into our “storefront”. Our storefront is our identity, it’s what customers and browsing shoppers first see when they visit our site, it’s a “first impression” for sure. This is paramount in online retail, as we are not fortunate to have the benefit of earning your good first impression of us by meeting our staff face to face when you walk in, as you would in a traditional store. So we hope we are able to capture your eye and your interest with our website design, layout, and prices, because we’re certain that we’ll capture your heart after you’ve had the opportunity to shop with us and experience our outstanding personal customer service! We are a super small, family run company with just a few employees (all family members) that will always go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with our company, whether it be through Brittany about your orders and placing them over the phone, John with technical questions and service work, or unknowingly with Rick’s immaculate design and production work on our custom line of 5XR race products. Once you’ve experienced our attention to detail on being knowledgable about what we sell, our quest to offer you the best prices in the industry, and how far we’ll stretch ourselves to earn your business, we’re fairly certain that you’ll be back!

So here’s a big THANK YOU for the last 5 years and making the 5X Racing story a sucessful one! We are constantly working to expand our horizons by offering more products for not only Miatas, but Mazda’s and other fun to drive sportscars. In the coming months and years you will notice that our not only our catalog of parts from popular manfacturers is expanding, but our own custom line of 5X Racing brand parts will be as well. So keep track of us by signing up to our newsletters, following us on Facebook and Twitter, and checking into our site regularly to see what’s new.

Thanks again!

John Adamczyk – Owner/President of 5X Racing LLC