What's Happening at 5x Racing: June 2009

I am going to try and do my best to write an article once a month (or more) letting customers and fans of 5x Racing know what we are doing here with the Online Race Shop and Spec Miata race team. Some friends and fans of 5xR might be wondering where we have been, as we have not raced since the beginning of May, and customers might have noticed that we have been adding A LOT of new content to our Online Store. Well, here is what we have been up to: On the racing front we have taken the extremely hot summer months of June, July, and some of August off. We had a pretty busy fall and winter race season, racking up 5 SARRC Races and various other events. And after the whole team almost suffering heat exhaustion last summer at Sebring, we decided the summer months would be the equivalent of the "off season" for us, as Florida has no "off season". Taking the summer off will also allow us to catch up with a lot of plans we had for both the race team and business. First off, we had to install our new vinyl wrap on the #25 5xR Spec Miata, which was exciting. We have a new look for the car now, and it is sure to bring a lot of attention to the 5xR paddock at our next race. We have a couple of pics on our Facebook page right now, but they are not the final "pro" shots that will be featured on this page at a later date. Second, we are going to send our Race Engineering 1.6L Miata engine back to Bob Thornton at RE to refresh for the final parts of the SARRC season. Race Engineering power is a must to be able to compete at the front of any Spec Miata field. Third, we are trying to sell our race trailer so we can buy a bigger 2 car trailer. Now that Rick is racing regularly we need to be able to get both 5xR Spec Miata's to the races. That's about it on the racing front. Business. Where do I start! Products, products, and more products... We are adding tons of products to our online catalog to accommodate more than just Miata's, we have now officially expanded into the Time Attack market with offerings for many high performance vehicles used in this popular racing format. We have started with Carbotech Performance Brake pads, we hand picked the applications that we have researched to be the most popular in the racing and high performance market and are adding them one brand at a time. If you are looking for a specific model and do not see it in our catalog, then just email us and we'll get it for you! After Carbotech, we are going to add more Lamin-X Protective Films, Magnecor, Mishimoto, ACT, AEM, Buddy Club, Cobb Tuning, DBA, Exedy, Greddy, HKS, Innovate, and many more. We are also keeping our eyes open for new and innovative products in the Spec Miata market, so we are not straying from our expertise. Development. As always, we are always thinking of new parts we can make to make racing and high performance driving better, easier, and faster. We have already released our 5xR Grip Plate for Spec Miata racecars, and are in the process of developing and testing a couple of new Spec Miata products to be released by the end of the summer. Keep posted to our homepage for New Product releases and killer deals on some of our in stock inventory. Thanks for reading! John Adamczyk Owner - 5x Racing