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Lamin-X Protective Films
What are Lamin-X Covers? Lamin-X Headlight, taillight, and Fog Light Covers are an adhesive backed protective film that applies directly to your vehicles lenses. They are impact resistant and designed to protect your fragile lenses from the abuse of everyday driving and racing. All Lamin-X Covers are precut film for your specific vehicle model with special application tabs that allow you to place the film without touching the actual cover. The film protects and covers your lights from damaging road debris, environmental hazards, bugs, and harmful UV rays. Lamin-X films have even been proven to save lenses in light contact accidents, as they take the abuse your plastic lenses would normally be taking. Lamin-X film covers have saved our front running lights and taillights numorous times on our #25 5xR Spec Miata Racecar, even with a backwards trip into the tirewall at Sebring International Raceway! Choose clear for invisible protection and maintain the stock look of your vehicle, and/or color films to add a bold new style to your existing lights. A great accessory and modification to your vehicle that will not only look good, but prolong the life of your vehicles lenses. Lamin-X covers are a must for every autocrosser, time trial, time attack, and club racer that wants to protect their expensive front lighting without having to use the ugly "blue tape" method. Instructions are included, and should be followed for a successful installation. 5x Racing will not be responsible for damage to the film due to improper installation.